Beach Sea Turtle Bracelet

  1. BEACH HOWLITE SEA TURTLE AND DALMATIAN COTTON CORD BRACELET: Easily layer with other bracelets! COTTON: Water resistant and stronger than hemp. This set of turtle bracelets is a perfect gift for couples. For you and your boyfriend or girlfriend or as long distance couples gift. These matching couples bracelets are made of strong cotton cord with turtle and dalmatian stones. Looks great stacked with other bracelets.
  • HOWLITE: Howlite is one of the “attunement stones” to higher spiritual consciousness. It opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunements. Reduces anxiety, tension and stress. It can be used to help with awareness, encourage emotional expression and eliminate pain, stress and anger.
  • SYMBOLISM OF THE TURTLE: Endangered and mystical, the turtle is a great example of patience, persistence, determination, endurance and more. The turtle is a survivor and has few predators, which gives it an innocent energy. This also increases its lifespan, and so holds the symbolic meaning for longevity in many cultures. The turtle spirit animal reminds us of the ageless nature of our soul.
  • DALMATIAN STONE: Helps to break down barriers you have created around yourself, helping you to move forward in life. It promotes positivity, happiness and a childlike playfulness. It's also a perfect stone for dog lovers and it is remarkably successful for calming, training and healing pets.
Metal Color

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